Stop Procrastinating.

Really. Stop it.

Ok fine, we'll give you a hand.

Stop Procrastinating is a FireFox browser extension that limits the amount of time you can spend on certain websites.

Everyday, millions of tasks are delayed by the ever-so-enticing plague that is procrastination.

Despite people's aches for producitivty, they end up entranced by the endless gamut of distractions that the internet has to offer.

No but seriously...

Students nowadays often struggle more than ever trying to stay focused whilst completing schoolwork on a computer. Students can hardly resist the temptation of a scroll down Twitter, a quick playthrough of a Flash game (even though Flash is dead), or an enriching viewing of Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 2763.

There's a fantastic TED Talk on procrastination if you want to learn more about it.

Procrastination has become especially problematic since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic because virtual learning done solely on a computer has become more prevalent than ever.

Stop Procrastination hopes to help combat this by allowing you to set a time limit on certain user-defined websites so you don't spend hours on end procrastination on your schoolwork.

Install it here.

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If you find Stop Procrastinating useful, please tell your friends about it (even your imaginary ones).

Frequently Asked Questions

What the h*ck?

This project was made for the NotUniversity Hacks hackathon.

Why no Chrome extension?

If you're still using Chrome, you deserve to fail on that paper.

Is it free?


Can I have the source code?


Who are you?

Three professional procrastinators who code sometimes.