projects I started and finished in the 2019-2021 school year

student loan simulator for hackUTD Github
pokemon team generator for hackTAMS Github
my homepage I personally use Github
website for google code-in 2019 Github
examples of OOP concepts in java for google code-in 2019 (Github Only)
video on computer ergonomics for google code-in 2019 (No Github)
math game for google code-in (Github Only)
diabetic helper for hackUNT Github
Toddle Tales API for RookieHacks (Github only)
Stop Procrastinating Web Extension for NotUniversityHacks Github
helped organize hackTAMS 2020
first extension: quick bookmarks
my tkl to 60% ahk thing
biocomp algos
second extension: custom homepage
cnn interlayer visualizer
info4900 project
pseudo sesame extension port to firefox